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If you have walked down Telegraph, you have probably seen an empty lot on the left side of an intersection.  Surrounded by a tall metal fence, wild grass growing about a few concrete reminders that there was once something here.

This lot on Haste and Telegraph has been empty for about 20 years.  Revitalizing it could help beautify the community and increase the economic vitality of the area.  This website serves as a springboard for ideas, thoughts, discussion, and dialogue as to how Telegraph and Haste could be made to be great.

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Site Introduction:

Lot on Haste: a collection of voices from Haste and Telegraph


  • The lot used to be the site of the Berkeley Inn.
  • 1911: The Berkeley Inn was designed and built.
  • 1986 & 1990: This hotel caught fire and was demolished.
  • 1992-1994: The city tried to negotiate the purchase of the site in conjunction with the nonprofit Resources for Community Development (RCD); however, because of the election, the plan died.
  • The lot was purchased by a private land owner.
  • Today, the lot has become a residence for rats.

Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. 1 – The empty lot has nothing to do with People’s Park. People who blame the lot’s current state on People’s Park are not productive.

    2 – Promoting an increased drug war against marijuana users is not productive.

    3 – Blaming the lack of development on the lot on homeless people, and/or people will neurological/psychological disabilities is not productive.

    4 – There should be no proposal on the lot which threatens that mural (which you are using in your promotional flier).

    5 – Your video was biased, having no interviews from anyone who participates in community activism, or participates in operating social programs.

    6 – The guy in that mural was shot in the head by a projectile (tear gas canister) and suffered tremendously; so it’s odd to have an arrow projected from his head. People who know WHO that is on the mural might find it ghastly. Perhaps you could just remove the arrow from the graphic, just for good taste.

    • Thank you for your comment. To respond:
      1 – As the interviewers, we neither sought a connection to People’s Park nor asked for one. The video was meant as a glimpse into public opinion.
      2 – I admit I am not sure how that statement is applicable here. Whether or not we are in agreement with that statement, does that affect the question of whether or not something should occur on the empty lot? And if you do feel as strongly as you do on that, is the purpose of this point to say the lot should remain empty and if so, how does that help your cause?
      3 – I don’t believe there is anyone who is in disagreement with you. What was said was that the presence of the homeless and neuro/psychologically disabled in the vicinity makes it more difficult to come up with a good development plan.
      4 – Agreed. We personally have a few ideas that are incorporated into our proposal designs, do you have any plans on how to develop the lot that you can suggest?
      5 – The point of the video was to get locals who see the area everyday and/or live around there, hence are affected most. Our selection filter was vicinity. If we had encountered anyone who does such we would not have neglected them. And nothing is unbiased, an attempt at trying to minimize that was made. Perhaps it is more concerning that no one who participates in community activism was in the community immediately adjacent to the area or were willing to go on record with us. If you know of someone who meets the qualities of being, as you put it, one who participates in community activism or participates in operating social programs, being immediately impacted by the lot either by being a resident, local, or businessowner of the adjacent areas, and is willing to be filmed, please send him or her our way and we will be more than happy to add their voice.
      6 – I can let my group mate know, but as I do not have access to the work file and the class is over, that may take awhile.

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